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                  business philosophy
                  Developing with Technology
                  Being Quality-Oriented
                  Keeping promise
                  Pioneering and Enterprising
                  Sincerity - the root of enterprise success 
                  Winning trust from the society and standing in the world with our sincerity.
                  Practicability - the foundation of enterprise success 
                  Being down-to-earth, seeking truth from facts, starting from ourselves and reflecting the business tenet of “Customer First” with our dedication and contribution
                  Unity - the guarantee of enterprise success 
                  Cultivating a good team spirit and making progress together with each other. 
                  Dedication - the source of enterprise success 
                  Creating inexhaustible achievements and realizing the aspirations of "making contributions to the country by setting up great enterprises" with our youth and talents. Getting generous rewards while gaining knowledge growth and competence improvement.